Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deja vu?

Where have I seen this before? Yeah yeah, I know, the internet! I apologize if you've seen this before. The first few posts here are going to be a bit of a history lesson and repeat story. I completed my "Kegerator Project" and have posted pics, etc. on the usual forums a couple months ago.

Then I thought, "Hey! I want to blog about m
y continuing kegging adventures!"

So here it is, stating with a complete run down of my Kegerator (or Keezer) build from day one to present day homebrew draft drinking bliss.

I hope to create a bit of a "how-to" or "for dummies" with as much information as I can provide to help any DIY'ers out there that may be thinking of starting their own Kegerator project. I will also list many of the resources I found helpful along the way. If anyone finds this useful I will be pleased would like to see your pics and stories as well.

I'm planning to post almost daily until I get the full com
pleted project outlined from start to finish. For now I'll will leave you with the "before" picture of what I started with.

This was an old "hand-me-down" freezer from my Aunt and Uncle about six years ago. Since we bought our house about five years ago it's hardly been used. Most of the food that was in it was badly freezer burned. Still keeping good and cold at least.

I will be cleaning it up and painting it. Then adding a wheeled base, homemade counter-top and trim and finally the temperature controller, draft tower, taps, tower cooling fan, CO2 tank and kegs.

Stay tuned, more to follow soon...