Friday, April 9, 2010

It's so big!

This good old freezer is bigger than most newer ones I looked at. The important dimension being front to back. This one is 18" front to back which is important if I want to put in a commercial Sanke keg that are 16.25" in diameter. Every freezer at Home Depot, Canadian Tire, and Wal-Mart I've looked at are only 15" front to back. Click here for a great list of keg dimensions.

In the pic above you can see the "hump" that makes room for the compressor, but takes precious space out of the internal dimensions of the freezer. For the record, the full internal dimensions of this freezer are 18" front to back x 40" wide x 30" deep with the hump on the bottom left that is 10" wide x 10" tall. Some people raise the freezer lid with the addition of a collar to add height allowing for additional kegs on the hump. Since I figure I can store five Corny Kegs plus the CO2 cylinder (or one Sanke, one Corny and the CO2 cylinder) without using the hump space I'm opting for no collar.

So, the freezer has been cleaned out and measured, next I thoroughly cleaned and sanded the outside to prepare for painting. Even the sides without rust I sanded to rough them up to allow the paint to hold better.

Next steps are masking and painting.

In the mean time a brief word about freezer internal dimensions. Hardly any manufacturers list them! No retail websites list them! The best you will find are external dimensions, and sometimes only the external dimensions of the shipping box which are both useless. A useful forum database of common freezers has been started here. If you don't find the dimensions of the freezer, or fridge, you are thinking about purchasing to convert to a kegerator the only thing you can do for sure is go into the store with a tape measure (or borrow one from the tool section) and measure the internal dimensions yourself. Make sure to measure the "hump" while you're at it and post your findings to help others.

Thanks for listening.