Friday, April 16, 2010

Get me some wheels baby!

Here is the kit I ordered from Keg Connection. I decided on their premium two tap tower kit. I'm not one that needs to have a huge variety at any one time, but it will be nice to have at least two choices for guests to choose from.

I did order this kit without the CO
2 Cylinder. Two reasons for this. First I wasn't sure about filling an American tank in Canada. Secondly I was able to rent a 20 lb tank locally for only $40/year and the 5 lb tank that's standard in this kit would have cost almost as much to fill.

I must say, the people at Keg Connection were GREAT and extremely patient! I had three VISA Gift Cards that my employer gave me that I wanted to use. They took all three, then the remaining balance from my PayPal account. This saved me a bundle.

This is the Freezer to Fridge Temperature controller I ordered at the same time. Basically this controller plugs into the wall, the freezer plugs into it, and the probe goes in the freezer. When the freezer begins to dip below the set temperature on the controller it cuts the power to the freezer. It works great and is holding my freezer at a steady 38 F.

With my Kegerator kit ordered it was time to begin the wheeled base. I want to be able to easily move my kegerator around, at the very least to pull away from the wall to open the lid to add and remove kegs. I bought four 3" swivel castors and a couple of 2x4's. Some good measurements (leaving clearance for trim), mitre cuts, and some toe-nail screws and I was set.

I would normally have preferred more screws for strength, but with the caster crossing the joint, the weight of the freezer from above, and the eventual trim I figure it's not going anywhere.

The view from underneath showing the swivel casters crossing the joints. The wheels will also swivel completely within the profile of the base just in case I want the trim to come down to act as a skirt as well.

Just to test I lifted the freezer up onto the base. Fits great! I'll remove it to add the trim, stain and clear coat.

Next step is the begin the "counter-top" I struggled with various ideas and options for some time. I was unsure about the option I ended up going with at first, but the end result has be extremely pleased.

Stay tuned for more after the break...