Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Batman...

OK, not actually Batman, but the Kegerator in progress has been MASKED. I decided to mask around the lid and seal since I won't be painting the inside. This way there will be a nice clean line and the lid won't get stuck shut.

It turned out that small indicator on the front, bottom left of the freezer was some sort of wired light to indicate when the compressor was running I guess. Decided it was best to pull it out slightly and mask it. The old emblem left two holes on the front, upper left. I ordered a new somewhat fitting emblem to cover these holes to be revealed on a future post.

First coast of good ol' Tremclad Glossy Black rust paint. Looking pretty good so far especially considering this was brush painted. Still needs a second coat at least, especially the plastic lid trim and edges. Even though I plan to cover the lid with a counter-top and trim I thought it was best to paint it all thoroughly for protection from further rusting.

Final touch ups have been completed. The masking of the lid seal and indicator light are still in place until the paint dries.

Here she is after a few more minor touch-ups and the masking removed. The nasty looking white seal around the lid was unavoidable. This is part of the reason I planned on adding trim to my lid. This trim should overhang and hide the seal, but still allow the opening and closing of the freezer lid.

Around this point I was pretty set and secure that the project was on track so I also ordered my Kegerator parts. Since this was going to be the bulk of the expense I wanted to make sure the freezer was working out.

More to follow soon.